Shenani-kins is an internet comic strip about the wonderful weird world of nonhuman shenanigans in a human world. Made with otherkin, therians, and alterhuman experiences in mind, Shenani-kins hopes to bring awareness and familiarity of nonhuman community in a more lighthearted, fun way. 
Shenani-kins started in 2020 in a fit of post-OtherCon inspiration and updates sporadically.

The Sol System is a four-person nonhuman system who was born in 1997 in the US which includes Page(he/they), Noel(she/they), Drago(he/him) and Wyvern(she/her). The main author and artist, Page, identifies as a canine psychopomp theriomythic and been a part of the otherkin community since 2014. Page is best known for coining the term "copinglinker" in 2016 and for their writings on the otherkin community and brings a more community-centered, jolly aestehtic to Shenani-kins. Noel, the co-author, identifies as a dragon and an alligator cladotherian. Noel does not consider themselves human and seeks to offer a no holds barred look into the deeper, harder to vocalize struggles alterhumans and non-humans can wrestle with.